One thing I LOVE

Is the ability to edit posts. I don't feel like a complete idiot this way! (Just my normal idiot self!)


I totally agree!!! That and I can see very quickly which posts that i've commented on have been updated since I last checked. Even says how many!

Me being and idiot has nothing to do with my post. smile

I love the search functionality and being able to edit my posts.

Just be aware that your edits still show up. Someone can click on the little red pencil and see what you wrote before you edited it.

I think that's good actually. Keeps people from trying to start trouble and then pretend like they never said it.


On my phone it works and has saved me from a few autocorrects. LOL and it's helped me add a thought later on without having to gum up the works with another post or comment.

I'm not worried about the content of what I say @Mr_Itty -- it's my tendency to hit ENTER before spell checking, proof reading etc. that I hate. wink