One side of MK touring plan


Can someone tell me if this touring plan looks ok. I have decide that doing one side of Magic Kingdom might be a good choice for this day as we won’t be arriving until around 2pm… so don’t want to go from one side of the park to the other. We will have another day here, so I will do the other side… plus favourites on the other day.

Thank you.

Looks reasonable. The only possible concern is that you don’t have much time between SM and MSEP, so finding a good spot to watch may be difficult (and the hub area will be mobbed).

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This is just what we did in 2014 - one half of the MK one day and the other the next - and it worked out beautifully! Comments to your TP: I would reserve less time (30 minutes?) for the QS meal and try to get Buzz Lightyear into the plan while you are on that side of the park. Or trade Carousel of progress with Buzz if you want to keep the meal as it is (although I love Carousel, Buzz is better!).

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We are going the same day and arriving around 1pm. We are staying mostly on Main Street and in the Tomorrowland area for characters and attractions, so sticking with one side of the park. I think it does make sense when arriving later in the day. We are also planning on being there at Caseys Corner for both the parade and Wishes, but we are getting there about an hour before the parade, which starts at 8. I had heard the days without a party can be packed. Maybe we will see you there? EMH is that night as well, so we are hopping on a few rides after Wishes to let the masses clear out.

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  1. Where are you planning on parade viewing? 2:45 arrival won’t get you a spot on Main Street so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

  2. Same for MSEP. Your plan has you arriving to view at 8:12 and parade begins at 8,

Question: the big blub on your plan summary — did you copy/paste from UG or from the blog? I like that idea :slight_smile:

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Not at Cosmic Rays! I would plan a good 45 minutes. That place is a zoo and you sometimes have to wait for seating to open up. Personally I would choose another restaurant as your plan suggests :wink: Unless you walk in there and it’s dead, you’re probably going to have a frustrating experience. Which is a shame because the food is pretty decent for fast food amusement park fare.


We are arriving at about 2 - 2.15. I’ve just put the parade in the plan first so that is why is comes up at 2.45 arrival time. Hopefully when we get there at 2ish, we can head straight to a particular spot (as noted on the blub :slight_smile: , (yes this was copy and pasted from a webpage as useful info for me to follow).

Im unsure whether to worry about the electrical parade and arriving late to view it etc… Hubby is not really a parade person, and we will have already watched the afternoon parade. (travelling with hubby and 2 daughters 15,17). Can you tell me if you think the electrical parade is definitely worth watching… ? because straight after that, we would be finding a spot to watch wishes. We do have the option of other ‘day time’ visits to MK, so if it is totally worth seeing, then I guess I can amend my plan and try to put rides etc into my daytime plan. This would mean that the other day that I have planned for MK would include the other side of the park, plus a few things that we’ve missed over this side,in order to fit in the electrical parade.

I put 60 mins for Cosmic Rays so that we have time to have a quick toilet stop and hand wash, plus ordering etc… If we finish earlier, then that will be great and should get us to a decent spot with the Electrical Parade if need be…

We HAVE to visit MK on this night, as the other nights of our trip are impacted by Halloween events… which we are not attending, therefore, this is one of our only nights to see Wishes (as far as i can work out at this point).

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I personally love it, but that is probably as much nostalgia as anything else since it was the first WDW parade I ever saw as a kid :heart_decoration: