One person NOT going on trip question…

I’ve tried using the search feature for a previous thread, but unfortunately couldn’t find a comparable question to go from! Here’s the situation: extended family trip 34 days out. Yesterday my sister tells me her stepson 17 (don’t typically refer to him as that, but it’s important to the story) MAY not actually come on the trip. His mom has fall break custody this year and while it seemed like it was all worked out (switching out another week this year), there has been some drama the past few months and it seems like his mom is guilting him about taking the trip instead of spending time with her. My sister was asking if they’re just “out” the money if he doesn’t come and I didn’t initially think so, but now I’m questioning my thinking. They have a standard 5 sleeper reserved and 4 of them would still be making the trip so I don’t think they would be “out” anything for room. I don’t understand about tickets though—they bought tickets on base so MAYBE this is where they lose the money? Can that ticket be reassigned and saved for a future trip? He also has a 1 day ticket for Volcano Bay and a Boo Bash ticket. What do you knowledgeable experts think?

Not sure about the tickets, sounds like they’re military tickets? Normally standalone tickets could be kept and reassigned to someone else with a date change later.

I think she should call and explain and ask about the Boo Bash ticket. And also the Volcano Bay ticket. The worst they can do is say no refund but they might just say yes.


Thank you! I will just have her call and see what happens. They are military tickets—that’s another reason I am not sure how it all works.

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Ugh I’m so sorry. I can relate. My ex pulls this crud with my daughter to her face telling her she’s selfish if she wants to do anything else. She finally stood up to him this summer at 14 and he let her come home early after guilting her first for 24 hours of which she spent crying. I can’t with parents who do this their kids cuz I see what it does to my kid. I’m so sorry for what your family is going thru.


I’m not sure if it would be the same with military tickets, but a similar thing happened to us with one of my DD’s friends who was unable to go at the last minute. When we arrived at MK, we went straight to guest services and they converted the value of her ticket into gift cards for us. We then used them for meals during our trip.