One or two staterooms?

Hi, another first time cruise question. My family is 2 parents and 3 kids, but the older two kids are as big as small adults (like in the 5 foot tall range already). We technically would fit into one stateroom that is 299 sq ft. (I’ve only considered the Dream so far). Is the lack of space and privacy really oppressive with 5 in one room, of those sizes? I know everyone says you spend little time in the room, but I also want to have a decent vacation…we would definitely get the verandah if we all squeeze into one room, for the extra space…

We are a family of eight and need two.
For five, DCL allows 5 in some staterooms. They have a split bathroom. Id just get one myself. We are hardly in them. We also don’t care about balconies - we’ve learned we don’t use them enough.

Staterooms are small. Don’t get me wrong. But we sleep in them and get dressed and out as much as possible.

If you have a wonderfully large budget enjoy two. But you have to book one adult in each stateroom and if military last minutes (MTO) are the same as other *GT they won’t guarantee they are connecting or even adjoining or even in the same deck.


Thanks! When I looked on their website it did take me to a screen where I could choose the room(s) from the military discount window. But, to be fair, I didn’t go all the way through making a res so I don’t really know what would have happened. I’m leaning towards getting only one stateroom anyway.

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I would like to think Disney goes the extra mile for our Military. I just had always thought MTO was the same as *GT. I hope you are correct and get the best options possible. :+1:

We haven’t gone on our cruise yet, but we’re 2 adults and 3 kids too, and I opted for 2 inside rooms. It was almost the same price as one family room and we get two bathrooms and more space. My kids are excited for the magic portholes too.

I’ve thought about doing that. We really can use the extra bathroom and space.