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So we are staying at Shades of Green for a week in August. We plan on arriving Friday after dinner and check in will not be until Saturday around 4. So, I need to stay somewhere with my family of three. We want a fun pool that won’t be too crazy. We can’t add a day on shades because my BIL is the military member and he will not arrive until Saturday at check-in.

On site or doesn’t matter?

I would go on the official Disney site and look at resort pool pictures. If money isn’t an issue then B/YC for SB. I think AoA pool looks amazing. Off site??? I have no experience. Moderates with pools my kids love CSR, CBR, POFQ if open.

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Best pool hands down is YC/BC. I also enjoyed CSR pool for moderate. For Value AoA

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Bonnet Creek apparently has great pools. I’ve never stayed here - don’t know rates. The pools sure look fun on trip reports.

If you are on a budget and are just looking for a pool and don’t need transportation to the parks, I would suggest offsite hotels. You can get a very nice room at the Bonnet Creek area for less than some of the cheapest moderate resorts on property - sometimes even value pricing. And they have some very nice pools, lazy rivers, water slides, etc. Similar on the west side of Disney property. There are also some nice resorts toward Orlando.


Yes I am torn between CBR and Y/BC. Trying to decide, since it is only one night if the deluxe is really worth it.

I’ve stayed at CBR and Y/BC. Love Stormalong Bay.

For one night, I’d check out photos and prices at Bonnot Creek. You’re essentially on Disney property - close, and you’ve got several pools to choose from. From what I’ve seen, you can play at one when you check in. Try another the next morning. And another that afternoon.

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How big a factor is budget to you? It really comes down to that. Y/BC will undoubtedly be the better pool / room / experience. But whether it’s “worth it” really comes down to how much the extra price means to you.

Also, can you elaborate why you’re looking only at Disney property? Don’t get me wrong, I love being on property and want to try all the hotels someday. But the offsite pools are at least as good as, if not better than Disney’s pools (though maybe not as “magical”) and much cheaper. The main reason to go for the on site hotel is because you also have easy access to the parks. But if you’re not going to the parks that day, I’d recommend staying off site.

I could go both ways here 1)Since it’s only one night it’s not the expense of 5 nights at that higher rate and the slide at Stormalong Bay is a real slide. Not a hotel slide but a water park quality slide. The lazy river is small but it exists and the sand beach area is fabulous. Because it’s limited to hotel guests just of BC/YC (and it’s strict) it won’t be as crowded as a larger hotel like CBR that isn’t as restrictive. It’s a great way to check out BC/YC if you’ve never stayed. 2)However, I can see the argument of it’s just one day as well and it will likely be double the price of CBR.

How old is your kiddo?

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He is 7 and a dare devil.

If it’s in your budget and you’ve never been, Stormalong Bay is wonderful. But as Jeff_AZ states there may be even nicer pools offsite. I never stay offsite except for if I stay at Universal sooooo I wouldn’t know

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