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We have lost our minds. Just got back Aug 8, and now we are actually considering incorporating a one night stay after MNSSHP (Oct 6) We have seen a lot of new things added to MNSSHP and almost can’t resist, especially since it’s the 50th Annie. of Haunted Mansion. Considering MNSSHP tix only and staying that night and leaving the next morning. We would love the cheapest option, but we think using Disney transportation to get to and from MK will be the best option, so we would like to say on property. Thoughts? Would love suggestions for the cheapest accommodations. Should we try and stay off property to save?

If you’ve lost your mind, then so have I because my sister and I are going in November for just one night to attend MVMCP! We thought about off site but since we are flying, we want DME and Disney buses to and from MK. We are staying at All Star Movies (newly refurbed rooms) with a fall discount.

??? But WDW opened in 1971, so the oldest it could possibly be is 48 years.

Sorry. This doesn’t help with your actual question. :slight_smile:



How are you getting there? Flying or Driving?


We like staying at the Springhill Suites at Flamingo Crossing. The Flamingo Crossing area is a Disney owned property. It is located at SR 429 and Western Way, right next to the “Back Door” entrance to WDW. It’s on the west side of WDW, away from all the traffic on I-4 but you really need your own car to get to and from the parks. It always has very good rates and getting back and forth is extremely quick and easy. We stayed there this past weekend for one night during the AP preview of SWGE at HS.

We have done the quick in and out visit and we like have the certainty and control of our own transportation. It’s nice not to worry about whether Disney Transportation will be on time/too crowded/etc.

Pop up tent at Fort Wilderness then take the raft at the back of Fort Wilderness to MK

I suggested that! Not good for us after driving long distance.

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There is a back door entrance?

I dont blame you😂

Ok have decided either All Star Sports or Coronado Springs. $50 more for Coronado. Sleeping 1 am to 9 am only. Need good night’s sleep. Driving 6 hrs next day.