One night at WDW- Which park to visit?

My family is going to WDW for the first time in January 2017. I have a conference for work in Orlando I’m attending in mid-August. I have never been to WDW but have been to Disneyland. I am tempted to scratch the Disney itch and spend a late afternoon and evening at one of the parks. As an adult male traveling solo, which park do people recommend?

I’d do the one that would be the least likely to interest my kids, and would be the most fun just exploring. For me, that’d be epcot world showcase. Great food options, and lots of room to just explore at your own leisure with whatever catches your eye, and not worrying about what everyone else is doing.

I’m a bit jealous!


I had a chance to visit DL on a business trip a couple of years ago. There is so much of wdw that will remind you of pieces of DLR. the one park that is unlike anything in DL is AK. I would go for that unique experience. Plus, you can ride EE over and over, see some shows and stop in the Nomad lounge.

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I second Epcot. Stay for Illuminations!

Thanks. I was thinking of either Epcot or AK.

I would choose Epcot too…I would love to tour here solo. Wandering around the Showcase and taking a leisurely stop at whatever took my fancy without the kids moaning about being bored :grinning:

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Epcot if you do not want to do attractions (you can do Saorin in DCA and RS is an improvement on TT), AK if you love Disney coasters.

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If your coming back in January I would go to EPCOT in August. There is a special rate EPCOT ticket for people in Orlando on busines that gets you in at 4pm. I do not know if there are any restrictions on who can get the ticket or what proof you need to get it. Have a magical time.

I would go for whatever you want. As you have done Disneyland - perhaps epcot. HS is awful right now and AK isn’t much better.

Good to know. I’ll look into that.