One night at CSR?

staying 5 nights at CBR then one night at WL and one night at AKL. Now wondering if changing our arrival night to CSR would make any sense. We plan on doing AK our first day (flight gets in at 10am) and it is closer to that park. Our next day is a water park day and CSR looks really close to Blizzard Beach; have our bags transferred and go to CBR from the water park. I’m hoping Typhoon Lagoon opens for our trip and we would spend any other water park time there (closer to CBR). Traveling with my 12 year old so not sure if adding another hotel would be annoying. We could always go see CSR on our waterpark day or maybe i just save it for a solo trip. There is so little to plan i just keep messing with the hotel plan!!!

I think that’s too much moving around. CBR and CSR are not that far from each other, really:

You’ve already got three resorts booked; just too much moving around for my taste, especially on a short 5nighter

exactly what i needed to hear! (my kid already said the same thing). THANK YOU!


I was going to say the same as @OBNurseNH . On a trip at the end of January, I did one night at CSR, two nights at AKL, and two nights at BW. It was just me and I found it kind of annoying! I think it would be worse with two and one of them a kid.

Thank you!!! I really just need to step away from the computer😂

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Yea, I would always try to stay at least 3 nights at one place.

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