One more chance at MM for late May/June

Hi Liners,

Last chance to join a MM in time for the 24-hour day! If you haven’t yet, and want to join a MM collaboration, please let me know by tomorrow at 5pm (est.) I have room for one/two more in my group. Please note this is not a PayPal group, and you’ll need to send payment to me via check, counter deposit to BofA, or see me at the flagpole meet at midnight!

Not going for the 24-hour day? If you’re going the first three weeks of June, this will be great for you, too. This MM will not have the first DL until 6/5/15, and will be valid for 30 days beyond that.

Thank you for your consideration. Carry on!

We are going to be at WDW June 8-15. How do I join your MM collaboration?



I will contact you with details after the 24 hour day. My brain is sort of mushy right now! Welcome aboard!

@bfwilliams, I just tagged you in a PM. Let me know if you can or cannot access it. Thanks. :smiley:

I am not yet up to speed on private messages. I clicked on the bubble and saw our public messages but can’t find a private message. I will keep looking. :slight_smile: