One Month Out! Any thoughts on my Day 1 TPs?

Any thoughts on these would be greatly appreciated, especially from those of you who have been to WDW more recently than I have (which is probably most of you). Does anything look like it won’t work? We are just two adults, and we will be back to both parks in the ensuing days.

On your first plan: is Launch Bay open during EMHs? I actually think I would hop onto ToT after RnR and then decide if I wanted to change my later ToT FP to something else, or re- ride later.

I really think your plans are well done!


Your first TP only has 1 minute wait for Little Mermaid. It’s probably doable, but you should have an alternate plan, in case you miss the 10am show.

Your second plan has notes about FPs, but you don’t list them in the software, so your times aren’t taking them into account. Do you have the FP? If so, add them to the TP and Evaluate to see if your times still make sense to you.

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Thanks for the input! TouringPlans indicates that SWLB is open for morning EMH, so I went with it. We’re not big on character meets, so Chewie is the only one on any of the TPs, and I really wanted to avoid waiting for it… But you have a very good point about ToT. I have a second ride on it in my evening DHS plan, but it’s my single favorite thing at WDW (now that the Alien Encounter is gone), so three times would not be too many for me!

Plus, I really doubt we’ll actually spend 65 minutes at SWLB, so we can probably ride ToT after RnRC and still head to SWLB next!


You can always skip the movie at the Launch Bay and make it up later, if you really want to see it.

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Thanks for the input! I’m hoping that TP is overestimating the time we’ll spend at SWLB, so we won’t actually be cutting it that close for the VotLM showtime. Might even make the 9:30, I dunno! Maybe I should replace the SWLB item in the plan with a break that’s a little shorter. We won’t be watching the film at the beginning; just the exhibits and the Chewie meet.

The second plan is the evening of the same day as the first plan, so we don’t have FPs for it. The ones I have in the notes are just ones to look for once we turn up at MK. I do think we’ll be able to get one for Jungle Cruise, but I don’t mind having the standby wait time in the TP; it’s a nice buffer if nothing else.

Right on! So do you think I should replace SWLB in the plan with a 30-45 minute break to account for the actual time we’ll spend there?

Except for the movie and the line up for the meet and greet, I don’t think it takes a long time to go through the Launch Pad. There’s things to see and you might meet up with some Jawas (ask for a pic or trade something with them… or both) You could change it or just leave it so you have that contingency. I would go for TS, as #2, then the Launch Pad, if you can.

As for the evening FPs, I’ve never done this, so others may have better opinions, but you might consider adding a ‘break’ to get your FPs. I don’t know what the evening line ups for FPs will be like. Also, if you can’t get the ones you want, I assume you have alternates in mind or will you just go standby?

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Just curious… why do you suppose there is a 15 wait for Rockin Rollercoaster when you’re using EMH? I’ve never been, but I thought crowds were much lower at that time.

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If I don’t get those, I’m thinking just standby. I was laboring under the assumption that they’ll have implemented the ability to get bonus Fastpasses via MDE by then, but I haven’t heard anything about that lately. Either way, Jungle Cruise is the only one I’d go to a kiosk for

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That seemed long to me too, but we won’t be the fastest walkers at rope drop so I’m inclined to believe it

It used to be that you could go there at RD and walk right on (a couple of times) but the last few times I have tried there has been a wait. My trip last April was the first time I was able to do the SB line in a coup,e of years.

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Good info, thank you!

Now we’re one month out from Day 2! So, any thoughts on these?

(I am hoping to go back to AK on our last evening there, so I’m hoping to work in Dinosaur at that time.)

You’re not interested in Kali River Rapids or Toy Story? If not, then they look great.

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Yeah, I was planning to skip Kali. Neither of us is a “git soaked” type. I’m waffling on it a bit though because the “deforested” area does look mighty cool.

I’ve got Toy Story on my Day 1 HS plan. This would probably have been less confusing if I had posted the TPs for the same park together, but I’m committed to this day-by-day gimmick now :smile:

Mmm. Kali does get people wet, but a stop at the dollar store before your trip to pick up some ponchos that should easily fit in a purse or small bag would solve that problem. Your shoes may still get wet, though. It was fun, but not for everyone.

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Okay, now we’re a month away from Day 3, so any thoughts on these?

So, are you one of the people who gets close to the front at rope drop, then ‘walks with purpose’ to Space Mountain? We did that and were quite near the front. The RD was actually around 8:55 (at Tomorrowland) and we were done Space Mountain within 15 minutes. If you’re like us, that will buy you some time. If not, remember a lot of people are heading that way, but your half hour should be fine.

I’m concerned about your Hall of Presidents. There’s only one theatre (to my knowledge), so if you miss a show, your wait could be longer than anticipated. If so, you might have to come back to do BTMRR before CBJ, as your FPP window may be coming to an end. Just be aware of that constraint on the day of, so you can make decisions on the fly.

Also, you might consider Peter Pan before the Philharmagic, particularly if a show just went into the theatre.

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Awesome considerations thank you! I’ll remember to keep an eye on the clock in case we need to skip ahead to Big Thunder. As you can see, my plans tend to be of the “minimize walking” type, but it won’t kill us to double back to the Bears and/or the Presidents if need be.

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