One last question about MVMCP

So there is a Christmas Ornament that I really want to get at the party this Friday. Where will these be available? At any store in the park? I don’t want to spend all party looking for this, but I don’t want to miss it either.

It is a party exclusive? I usually look at the emporium but for that I might start at the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.

It is supposed to be a party exclusive ornament.

Funny thing, my wife called me yesterday and said she wanted to get a Christmas ornament and I told her I wanted 3!

Don’t want to hijack your post. I want an ornament, too. :wink: But if Party Exclusive merchandise is available at the Emporium on Main Street, doesn’t the Emporium stay open after the Party for about 30-60 minutes?

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These items are available at Star Trader

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So I did some searching and it appears it is available at the Emporium, Star Traders, and Big Top Souvenirs. Not sure if all party stuff is at all of these or just some things are available at each one.

The website that I originally found the ornament on did not have a location.

Thanks for you help!

No t sure if it stays open or not, but they should deliver to your room if you are staying on site.

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If the stores stay open after park closing, then we wouldn’t need to spend party time shopping.


That’s very true! That party time is very expensive!

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My wife bought the ornament at big top souvenirs back by Dumbo and had it shipped to our room last night.



According to the map they hand out, “Full Event Merch” is available at Big Top and Emporium. And select merch is available elsewhere.

I did see them putting it out on our first MK day - which was a party day - about an hour or so before we left. Not sure if they let anyone buy it or only people with bands. (But who cares really? From their point of view they should let anyone buy stuff.)
There wasn’t gobs and gobs of it to shop from and consider. The actual shopping should only take minutes.