One for the Brits πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Hi all … my family and I fly out from England and arrive on Saturday 27th October for 15 nights staying at BC on the DDP. What time GMT do my ADRs open ? And am I right it would be 30th April ? Nearly there … stress levels … lowering … but my wife will disembowell me if I don’t land these reservations :exploding_head:

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It’s 11am. I took my lunch break early to make sure I got the ones I wanted!! Best of luck


Brilliant thank you :pray:t2:

In my experience there’s no need to panic. I’ve secured all kinds of primo ADRs well after 180 days β€” CRT, BOG, V&A. Even if you don’t immediately get what you want, the TP ADR finder is amazing.


Cheers Matt