One early entry day at IOA - help!

No way around it—you need the hotel key.


Ok thanks. We did change our days so we’ll be doing early entry on check in day. Sounds like by 6 am we should be able to get our room key. Hoping I’ll get an email allowing for mobile check in tomorrow to make the physical check in faster.

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The only workaround / “hack” that I know of is if you know someone that has been before and still has an old room key. They really do not check anything other than “do you have a key?”. You walk past TM’s without even pausing just holding up a room key.

I keep mine as they have different ride art on each, but I’ve always thought if I decided to stay off-site to just bring an old one with me to get into EPA! :crazy_face:

I typically get my mobile check-in e-mail the day before the arrival. I have had it come in a couple days in advance, but not often.


Great tip, I will save this room key for potential future use!

With the rain forecast Saturday, we have revised our plans: arriving to CB about 6:30 am to park car and get room key, then walk to IOA for EE.

Thank you all so much for your help.

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Thank you all for your help and advice! I had a great time and was done with Hagrid’s and Velocicoaster by 9:30 am (and we didn’t get to the gates until 7:20ish, and took a bathroom break after Hagrid’s). That evening the OI event was taking place and we spoke to some attendees…and I bought a ticket for the December event. Can’t wait to ride my favorites (and the Mummy!) with little wait.


So where is the best place to be dropped off by ride share for IOA? And how exactly do we get there?

Parking, guest drop-off, and the Universal Orlando transportation hub.