ONE dine-in breakfast

We LOVE breakfast, but it’s such an easy “grab and go” meal that it has never been a sit down meal for us at Disney. But I want to give it a try this time! During our trip in May we planned a PPO meal at Garden Grill, but that’s not an option this time So if you had one Disney breakfast, anywhere in COVID times, where would it be and why? Parks and resorts are all fair game

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I don’t have any experience with TS breakfast, but we are going to Kona Cafe next month to try the Tonga toast.

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GF cafe, Kona, or Trails End.

Where are you staying?

We did both Kona and Ale & Compass this past week. I liked A&C a ton better than Kona, but they were both great! Tonga Toast is VERY filling (Kona). And blueberry bacon pancakes were amazing (A&C).

I prefer the pineapple macadamia nut pancakes at Kona but the Wave (even without the buffet) is my favorite. I cannot wait to go back for their avocado toast.


If you have the dining plan and want to get a PPO breakfast at BOG, it’s the best value of the dining plan. If not, it’s more expensive than all other breakfasts. There is so much food though. I usually eat a pretty good bit, but it was almost like I had barely touched my meal.

We’ll be staying at Art of Animation. Unless, of course, they extend the closure again.

Honestly, I don’t need anything too fancy. Where is the best bacon? Lol. And I’ve never had Mickey waffles, so I suppose that’s on my “to do” list

I think they got rid of this. :frowning: only lunch and dinner now. Such a bummer. Hopefully it comes back!

Bummer. I didn’t know that. It was really good and the atmosphere there is amazing.

Yes, I liked the QS lunch but now only fixed TS lunch and dinner.

Hoping it goes back at some point!

When there were dining plans and there were PPO breakfasts, the BOG breakfast was the best deal available at WDW. Best price value ($28 meal for One QS credit) and best park pre-opening ride access (right next to 7DMT).

Unfortunately both PPO and dining plans are unavailable.

That said my favorite dine-in breakfast was the Wave at the CR.

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Trattoria al Forno was the BEST breakfast we’ve ever had at WDW. Aside from GG which is my family’s favorite pre-covid due to the character interactions and those yummy sticky buns, Trattoria was a huge “wow”. Now, I’m not sure if they have cut back on the menu but when we had it in 2019 it was the best breakfast menu I’d ever seen. Plus the portions were huge and well worth it.


I loved the steak and eggs

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I really liked brunch at chef mickeys. It’s breakfast and lunch combined so there were a lot more choices. Of course it’s no longer a buffet but it still might be worth checking out

sorry… not to explain the meaning of brunch but what the experience was like compared to breakfast at Chef M’s