One Day Visit Help

We are staying on site and only visiting Universal for one day Friday 2/13 to really see Diagon Alley. Crowd level 6. Looks like only IOA has EE, we have park hopper. Should we start at IOA for EE for 1 hour for Harry Potter world then take HE over, or just go to US for rope drop to get in first to Diagon Alley then do IOA in afternoon. Very disappointed that Diagon Alley is not open for EE, really only reason we are coming in early and staying at Royal Pacific

The TP folks are monitoring things and will provide updated plans/strategies once the effects of the change are known

latest info is hit IOA for EPA and take hex @8.40 to ride gringotts at opening of. USF

I want to start at Harry Potter in US and take Hogwart express to IOA and then back to US. We have park to park with express pass. What’s the best way to see HP and then the other best things in one day? I can’t figure out how to use the touring guides.

We have a 1 day/2 park Wizarding World-focused touring plan in Lines and our website. Contact if you are having technical issues using a touring plan.