One Day Two Park Strategy & Early Entry Question

Planning a one day two park tour (8 am - 6 or 7 pm) on Nov 10. I was able to squeeze this one day in before a conference so it’s that or nothing. (I know it’s the Super Heroes half marathon weekend but it’s the only day that works.)

Will be staying right across the street (15 min walk) and I’ve been to WDW multiple times so I’m hitting the major rides (minus a few like GotG and water rides) including ones that I enjoy at WDW. Planning a one day park hopper with MaxPass and since it’s just me I plan to use single rider lines whenever possible.

Using the one day two park TP with some modifications it shows pretty high confidence that I can do what I want to with one park in the morning and one in the afternoon. Since it doesn’t take into account using single rider and MP I’m thinking it should be fine. But i do have a couple of questions.

The touring plan says that DL has early entry that day (Friday) but the general documentation says that early entry via EMH on Friday’s is at CDA. Why the conflict? (Disney has not yet released the official schedule so the hours listed are predicted hours.) Am I missing something?

The one day two park plan has you start at CDA in the morning then moving to DL in the afternoon. Should I stick with that plan even if CDA has EMH in the morning? I ran the TP optimizer both ways (CDA am/DL pm and DL am/CDA pm) and both ways it said I would be successful but it thinks CDA does not have early entry. Thoughts?


My personal opinion is that you should find out which one is having the early entry and go to the other one. I think going through both parks solo sounds like a blast! I think if you use you TP, MP, and SR you will do everything on your wish list and maybe even a bit more. Not to mention you will not have a group of people slowing you down. I would just make sure to update your TP as you go. Good luck! I think I am going to put a trip like this on my bucket list!

I would start with DCA, whether or not it has early morning. DCA is smaller, but RSR and GoG always, always sells out of fastpasses, while most Disneyland attractions will have fastpasses until dinner without any problems.

I would get to DCA, do Soarin, RSP, Midway Mania Fastpasses, the California Screamin, Midway Mania with Fastpasses, Ariel, Monsters Inc, Frozen the musical (at 12pm if that’s something you like) and then most of the good rides are done (Ferris wheel and the like are left). World of Color is ALWAYS amazing to me, so I would grab fastpasses for that at some point and then cross over.

At that point, I would get FASTpasses for either Indiana Jones or Space Mountain and depending on the one you take and when it is, I would ride Jungle Cruise (right next to Indiana Jones) or Buzz lightyear (next to Space Mountain). After, I would get a Fastpass for the other ride, ride the other smaller ride, then Pirates, a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain, Fantasyland rides, back to Big Thunder, it’s a Small World (if that’s your thing). After it’s a small world, it’s cool to see Toontown (even though most of the rides are for little ones). I would probably get on the train at Toontown and head to either Tomorrowland or another part of the park. Then, depending on the time, I would grab food/visit Star Wars Launch Bay,

Then, crossover back to DCA and watch World of Colors. I think it’s 100X better the fireworks.

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