One Day trip in October - help me decide

Okay, guys, help me make a decision! Let’s say your company is flying you down for a company party on Saturday evening, 7pm-11pm. You land on Thursday at MCO around 12:30pm, you fly home Sunday afternoon, and all the time except Saturday evening is free. You and your spouse have only been to Disney once, it was last November and you attended the Christmas party. You are a Disney maniac now, your spouse isn’t, but they’ll go along with whatever makes you happy because they’re awesome like that.
Here are the options I’m tossing around - We could just go to the Halloween party on Thursday evening (we arrive at MCO around 12:30). We could go to MK Friday at 8am (EMH) and stay until the park closes early for the party and call it a day. We could go to MK at 8am and buy tickets to the MNSSHP and stay ALL day. We could go to MK on Friday and then park hop somewhere else when MK closes for the party. What would YOU do?

If he’s not crazy about Disney, I’d do Epcot all day for Food and Wine Festival instead of MK.

I think I would do the Halloween party on Thursday night and then do EPCOT on Friday.

On Saturday, do a lazy day at the resort before your event that night.


I would do the Halloween party on Friday and two day tickets for Friday and Saturday. I would choose a park for Friday and then go back to MK on Saturday until your party. Or you can get park hoppers and go really crazy. This is not the place to get sane/frugal Disney advice.

If you are not as crazy I would get the park hoppers for Friday.

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If my flight is being paid for by my company, I’m spending as much time as possible in the parks - go both days!

I’d do all day at Disney on Friday and then do the party. We are doing that in September. One long day, but totally worth it! We will hang around the resort the next day and be lazy.