One day ticket.... or annual pass?

Going to be down to Orlando this weekend to pickup apartment keys! (Florida resident pass here we come!)

Coincidentally, friends of mine from another area of the country will be on the last day of their trip. I’ll arrive mid-afternoon and would love to be able to meet them in the park.

So (question I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to) - anyone have any secrets about getting a non-outrageous one day ticket into MK?

Question I don’t know the answer to - what do I need to show to get my Florida resident pass? I have a signed lease, confirmation from electric that power is being activated, can have same for internet, have renter’s insurance. Problem is it all starts July 3, and I’d like to go in on July 1. Obviously I won’t have a FL ID of any kind yet…

Any ideas?

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I think this is what you need. Anyone can buy one. When you get to the gate to activate you need a current, government issued ID from the state of FL.
I think you can get convention tickets cheaper but I haven’t done much research. Theres a few threads I think that cover it.

Typically, a bank statement or phone bill works. I have done that multiple times since I don’t have an FL ID

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Thats good to know!

I am interested in the answer to this question! We leave for Orlando on Thursday and don’t have park tickets…and I am having regrets. However, I’m NOT paying the one day park rate. NOT DOING IT!

You can get an after 1 pm conference ticket if you are meeting them in the afternoon. I think it’s around $100? Still too much but much less expensive than doing a straight Disney ticket


I know I should know this, but how do you get a conference ticket?!?

Here is a thread about convention tickets-

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