One day plan to see Pandora FPP strategy

Hi. We have one day tickets and are planning on going June 23rd to AK. Staying at Coronado Springs. Whole purpose of the trip is to see Pandora, Me, DH, my DSister, DNiece19 and DS16. We will be up and at em and can get to AK early. 9am opening, plan is to leave CS at 7:30. I will be making FPP right at 60 days and since we only have the 1 day I may not get FOP. Should we just plan on RD’ing FOP and Navi first thing and start FPP with KS, EE and Kali at 10, 11, 12? We want to see Pandora during the day and at night. Should I hold off Navi until late at night?
Thanks for any help! We aren’t used to having only one park day but this is a bonus trip I added on to a beach week.

Just went on both and there is really no reason to go at night. Both rides are inside and have nothing to do with day or night outside. Yes, I hear FFP for FoP is somewhat hard to get. Most who have tried early morning RPD have gotten on in a hour or less. Guess it depends on how fast you get to Pandora after rope drop. Ride is definitely worth it but it doesn’t last more than 5 minutes. RoL is nice but I would not waste a lot of time trying to ride it. Pandora is not very big so other than the two main attractions, there is little to do. Does have a restaurant and the food is good. Also a Shopping store. Band plays during the day at different times. That’s about it. Wonderful to see what it looks like but other than that there isn’t much to see.


I personally recommend going on Na’vi first. I was able to get FOP at my 60 days for my Presidents’ Week trip and Na’vi - I had 2 days scheduled at AK. Im very glad I did Na’vi first - though I love both of them. I’m honestly also glad I did take the time and do the queue at FOP because that queue is so well themed and detailed throughout and you miss 99% of it with FP+ (I did the full queue twice my first AK day - once during the day when it said 140 minutes but I was out in an hourish and at the end of the day when it said 75 minutes and was about right - then my second day I had the FP+ and I was so sad that I missed the beauty of that queue I doubt I’ll FP+ it again). I would say FP+ Na’vi as that queue is really nothing special and do FOP at the end of the day.

Pandora the land is WELL WORTH doing at night as well because of the bioluminescence - and if you can manage to be there during the transition it is super cool because you hear the sounds change.


Depending on crowd level, you may want to aim to be at the gates at 7:30. 90 minutes before park open seems to have been working well for folks … they’re at the front of the pack when CMs start letting people in.

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Thank you all. If you RD FOP and are in the front of the line do you get to see the whole queue?

No. They send the front of the pack through the FP queue.

I’m planning on doing FOP twice during my upcoming trip. First with an FPP, and second in the regular line, as I really want to experience the queue. My plan is to go last thing at night in the hope the line won’t be too long.

The last thing at night strategy worked pretty well for us last fall. The only issue was they were stacking the line, so we were held in one area for a while then people rushed through the next (we let them go by but still).

It was 75 minutes the night I did it. But there is so much to see it didn’t feel that long.

Any thoughts to adding 5days to the front of your trip? Will give you 60+5 days to try for a FP+ on your actual day. Then when you are within 30 days you can cancel those extra days with no penalty and keep the fastpasses.

Stuff like this is why people who stay off-site have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a FP for the hot-ticket rides. If I decide I want to ride FoP I’m going to show up 90 minutes before rope drop and wait in line. I’m not going to book a reservation I intend to cancel so I can get a FP.