One day DCA/DL Park Hopping TP

Would you be willing to share a touring plan which covers both parks in one day? I would want to use this for my third day - Saturday Nov 12th. I am hoping for a relaxed plan, hitting highlights and some atmosphere type touring. We will be covering all of DL and DCA on separate days (Nov 10 and 11) so wanted this third (and last day) to be a little different.

Thank you!

If I have a 3rd day I never use a TP. The night before I make a rough plan on what I want to do, but it’s pretty much wing it.

It really depends on what you really want to see again. Or if you want the day to be just shows and no or minimal rides. If that is the case, I would follow the show schedule, probably make some meal reservations at a couple of places I really want to eat and maybe plan for the couple of rides that I wanted to revisit.