One day at HS only - is Fantasmic worth it?

Is watching Fantasmic worth it at WDW with only 1 HS studios day?
Can you arrive just before the show or will there be no more spots?

Fantasmic is a great show.
It’s not currently running though. Speculation I’ve seen is that it’s maybe due back at Easter?
It does reach capacity at peak times however I’ve never personally not made it into the theatre. The view from the back is still good.


Contrary opinion - Fantasmic was boring and getting out of that amphitheatre almost gave me a panic attack, and that was pre-COVID - so many people shuffling towards one fairly narrow walkway. I liked the live action stuff but felt like the bulk of the show was just projections on water.


I’m kind of aligned with you. Unless they really improve it after the hiatus, it’s a two and done for me.

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We absolutely adored it and will see it for sure if it’s back on my next trip!