One Day at A Water Park with a 5 year old, which one?

I am not sure if we will end up using our water park day we get with our MVT tickets but if we do I’m wondering which one to go to? My son will be 5 years old when we go and probably close to 46" when we go. He has no fear and loves the water! What do you guys think? I have been to both water parks but it has been a long time. Thanks!

Can’t answer, but pay attention to when you are going. Certain times of the year, one or the other is closed for seasonal renovations, so the choice is made up for you. Just depends on when you’re going.

Thank you for that. We are going the last week in February so from what I have seen they will both be open. I know TL is going down at the first of 2019 but I think it will be done.

We haven’t been to Typhoon Lagoon yet (going in August) but our 7 year old had an absolute blast in the ski patrol area of Blizzard Beach four years ago. There were lots of different things for her to try. There was even a photopass photographer there and we got some awesome shots of both girls on the zipline and net crossing thing. I’m not sure what the height restrictions were for the area but DD7 was not very tall for her age.

I say TL. There is more shade, the paths are cooled with water / mist, and its visually more interesting. Plus I feel there is more family stuff to do together.


@mgcaekdb This past winter, TL was scheduled to be closed for its annual refurbishment from Jan 7 through Mar 17, reopening on March 18. I don’t know if it actually reopened on schedule. In 2017 and 2016 also reopened in mid-March. Per Disney’s site, TL is closed starting Jan 6, 2019. They don’t have hours listed beyond Jan 18, yet. Not looking good for TL for your trip dates.

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Yeah I guess we will see. I was just looking at the Touring Plans refurb schedule that says it should reopen on February 3rd but you’re right, that could change for sure. Thanks!

For February, I would wait to even buy the water park tickets. It could be warm, but not warm enough. For you sake I hope it is! This is what we are doing in November. BB will be closed, so we hope to do TL.

When you’re a kid, it may not matter! :slight_smile:

But we were in Florida this year in February. Daytime temps were hot. But it cools off considerably in the evening.

It is a valid consideration, though. With a 5-year-old, playing in the pool might be enough. Truth is, in all the family Disney vacations we’ve taken, we never once visited the water parks*. We have done water parks in other trips (King’s Island, for example)…but with Disney, no one cared. Just having the pool was enough.

[*] My wife and I did visit TL on our honeymoon. She ended up injuring her foot there, causing her pain the rest of the time we were there, so we kind of eshew the water park experience now as a result.


@mgcaekdb - It’s odd that TP lists Feb 3, that seems very early. Even Kenny the Pirate’s calendar shows it closed for all Feb, with a March reopening (exact date unknown). People like his calendar accuracy, and think he has an insider connection.
@len - Can you take a look at that Feb 3 date for TL? Usually it’s mid-March. Thanks!

Yeah, it’s usually mid-March. I’ll adjust it.


Yeah I thought it seemed like a short refurb too! Thanks @len for updating that. I guess BB will be our only option if we go. @alittlerandr the water park ticket is included with our park tickets from MVT so it’s no harm, no foul if we don’t use it really! Thanks for all the responses you guys!


B.B. beach patrol was great.

For a no fear kid I would be really worried about the TL tidal wave. That sounds like no joke.

Wow, that’s awesome! I think I’ll use MVT the next time we go to Disney although DH says one and done

That BB Ski Patrol Training, how tall does the kid need to be? There is something similar at Six Flags White Water in Atlanta, GA and my son is too short to walk across the pads with the net.

We are getting the free water park ticket through MVT and are also not sure if we will use it. We are trying to fit it in. We go Dec so TL is what will be open which is good for us since we had only been to BB.
We loved BB and I would rec that one to you if you had had the choice! I believe your son is tall enough for ski patrol. My DD6 spent most of her time there.

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I don’t see a height restriction clearly listed but the ski patrol area is limited to ages 5-11 so he will likely be tall enough for everything.