One Booking, Two Rooms - Room Requests

So we’re going with my parents. We booked two rooms on one booking through Virgin, and have one reference number.

How do I go about making a room request for both rooms?

Last year it was just us and so I used the request a room button on my dashboard and that was easy, but I don’t know if I do that if it will count for both rooms?

If just one reference number, request 2 rooms (just alter the text in that box) and use the free text box to explain you have 2 rooms booked. As well as why you want that area, or if it’s fine to be on different floors of the same building, or whatever else you want to say.

Thank you! I have done that :slight_smile:

Another question, when I did the request it said " We will attempt to send this Room Request starting 30 days prior to your check-in date."

However, we are less than 30 days out - we are only 15 days out now, so will they just send the request straight away?