One Anna/Elsa Fastpass?

Hi, my manic, borderline-obsessive checking for Anna/Elsa Fastpasses for Oct. 12 has paid off… sort of… I got just one for my dd6 at 10:45p.m.! Does anyone know if they will let me come with her (and maybe our 2 year old, who can’t have passes?) Assuming I can or that I can somehow grab one for myself, has anybody used a Fastpass that late… if so any strategies for having kids actually enjoy the experience that late at night?
I was thinking I’d do the standby line at some point, but it sounds like they might be doing away with it…??

Unfortunately they won’t let any child under 7 enter a line without a parent and no one is allowed in the FP line without a FP including the parents. I don’t have any kids and I was always a night owl as a kid so I can’t help with how to keep them going that late. But definitely keep checking you never know what you might get that’s earlier and for more people.

Hmmm yeah that makes sense. Ok the crazy search continues. I don’t need to do anything else with my life, right? :smile:

I feel the same way trying to get an earlier BoG reservation lol. Are you going to a halloween party? So far there have been reports of very low wait times for A&E during the parties.

That’s the other thing I’ve been trying for! No luck for BoG even when I consider ditching most of my family and just taking my dd6. :wink: We are doing MNSSHP so that might be our best bet, plus my daughters will be in Anna/Elsa dresses as a bonus. I’d just rather not miss too much of the party (parade and fireworks) in the attempt, but it’s worth a try if we don’t make it during the day.

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Well some of the early reports were as little as 20 minutes so good luck! And keep checking on BoG, with the 24 hour cancellation policy you will probably see some the day before if you are flexible enough.

Thanks! Good luck to you too. May we both get to try the “gray stuff!”

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Try calling to see if they can copy it to the rest of your party. It’s a long shot, but this recently happened to someone I know. She called because she had accidentally assigned the FP to her son instead of her daughter, so when she called to switch it, they just gave it to everyone in her party.

As to the second part of your question - keeping the kids up that late - I would say your best bet is a nice long afternoon nap that day.

Keep trying! I was able to get 4 FPP for A&E this morning for my November trip. Seems like first thing in the morning things are available. I’ve been able to snag a couple things checking in the morning that I wasn’t able to get at my 60 FPP day (7DMT & Enchanted Tales with Belle). I got all of them checking at 6am CST time. Good luck!!