Once upon a time / wishes help

So, I know what wishes is and hat it is being replaced by happily ever after on May.
But what is knce upon a time? Does it happen right before or after the fireworks show? Is it each night that the fireworks show happens?

Just looking for clarification.

Once Upon a Time is the new projection show that replaced Celebrate the Magic. On May 12th Wishes will be replaced by Happliy Ever After .

Oh, whoops. I got that confused. Sorry for the misinformation.

Removed my badness :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if once upon a time plays every night wishes/happily ever happens.
Is it played right before or right after the fireworks show?

Basically, I’ll have one day to visit magic kingdom, probably Wednesday September 27. Just wondering if I’ll be able to catch both the fireworks and projections show.
Seems like there will be extra magic hours hat night, will that interfere at all?

Yes, it is nightly BEFORE the fireworks. It’s about 15-20 minutes and then the fireworks start about 5-10 minutes later so stay put.

Extra magic hours won’t affect anything except possibly the time of both shows. But again, the fireworks always immediately follow Once Upon A Time.

During President’s week Wishes was at 8:00 and Once Upon a time was 8:45.

It would be odd if the did Once Upon a Time after Happily Ever After. Although, that is how it is listed on many websites.

This weekend, when we’ll be at MK, it’s definitely Wishes at 9:00 and OUAT at 9:45. I think I’d prefer the reverse though, we’d be in bed earlier! :grinning:

So strange. Either way, they do them consecutively.

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It could have something to do with the loading of the fireworks? Or the security protocols? The Wishes crew chief was telling us that they have to position men at different points throughout the park during the fireworks.

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