Once upon a time show!?!

This new show is catching me cold. No more CtM? What?? I feel like they are so many changes going on with the end of the EP, rumors of RoL, rumors around ToT, rumors around a new MK parade and now this. Ugh- am I just overreacting? Is this a good change? Will it affect Wishes?

I don’t really think there is anything to be too worried about. They installed new projectors and this is the new show to go with them. Calling it something else is just because it’s a new version of the CtM but is still a show projected on the castle. The content will have changed but the basic premise of the show is the same. It shouldn’t have any affect on Wishes.

Also as for ToT rumors there are no plans for changes to the WDW version planned. There are so many legal hurdles involved with using anything Marvel east of the Mississippi.