Once upon a time questions

I searched and searched and read and read and I still don’t really understand what is ‘‘Once upon a time’’ and, most importantly, when it takes place.

Is this like a pre-fireworks show ? Is it scheduled on Disney website not long in advance ? In the current schedule, it looks like it stops in early October. We are going early Nov. and I am wondering if I can hope to see it…

It’s a projection show on the castle.


Thanks @missoverexcited

Do you know when it takes place and how it relates to HEA ?

It doesn’t relate to HEA as such, it replaced Celebrate the Magic (I think it was called that) and is sometimes before HEA and sometimes after. I don’t know if it’s shown on party nights but I would assume it always is when HEA is on.

Oh that might explain why it wasn’t on some nights this week because MNSSHP has begun…

I guess then probably just not scehduled yet for October/November.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

I have found that it will not be scheduled on initial park hours, but is added after HEA when hours are finalized and extended.

I went to it because the Wishes fireworks crew chief told me it was a great show. I loved Celebrate the Magic, and do not feel the Once Upon A Time has the same “heart”. Watching it I knew why the fireworks crew prefer it- it has some small fireworks!