Once Upon a Time AFTER park close?

Hi! I just updated my touring plan for our day at Magic Kingdom mid February and the time for Once Upon a Time changed from 7:30pm to 8:45pm. Park close and Happily Ever After are at 8PM for our day (even though many days surrounding have already been extended to 9.) Does this show sometimes happen after official park close or do you think it’s a sign closing will be moved to 9PM? Will anything else be open in that time AFTER official close between HEA and OUAT? Thanks!

I checked the WDW website and all the nights in “Mid-February” have closing times at 9pm. (What’s your date?)

HEA & OUAT typically happen during regular park hours. HEA is at 8pm and OUAT happens at 8:45pm with park close at 9pm. Not sure what you mean by this…

February 11-13 closes at 8pm. :slightly_smiling_face:

January 31 park closes at 8 and HEA is at 8pm also. Have been wondering if they will extend opening until 9pm

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I’ve been there on such an occasion. Official closure time is the time when the ride queues close, mostly. The park itself and the shops are usually opened an hour later and the evening spectaculars can happen after that official closing time.


Thank you! Helpful for my understanding. Maybe staying for OUAT will help the leaving crowds disperse some?

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Probably a little at least, yes. It’s a bit dreadful leaving the park at the same time than everyone else but I don’t think it’s too horrible and I always have a stroller. Without one I think I’d just enjoy looking at people. It’s funny how about half of them have a twinkle in their eyes from the magic day they just had and how the other half have a murderous glint in theirs LOL. And there is always the occasional funny guy who goes ‘‘MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’’ really loud haha


I just wanted to come and update this thread in case someone down the road has the same question: MK hours were extended this morning for our dates until 9PM. So the answer to my question? The later showing of OUAT likely means park hours will be extended to suit. :wink: