On the fence about MK DAH

I’m taking my first solo trip at the end of January and I’m debating if I should do the MK DAH. I’m only there for two full days and then most of a day for the first day and basically the morning for my last day. My thought would be that I can focus on other places other than MK if I do the DAH. Also all the parks but EPCOT are closing at 8pm while I’m there. On the other hand, I’d have to shell out another $100 (with the AP discount) which is almost as much as a night at the all-star resort. Is it worth it? I know @Randall1028 seems to like them but I’m torn on whether is is a good value. Has anyone not had a good experience?

I’ve done MK DAH twice and enjoyed it both times. We experienced many of the rides (and had lots of snacks). The whole family loved how the park was not crowded. We didn’t need a plan which made it relaxing. To me it’s worth it especially on a short trip.

MK DAH is fantastic. Do it.

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exactly what @OBNurseNH just wrote! it’s a lovely experience!

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You twisted my arm. I’m going.


Sorry not sorry. You’ll thank me later.

I’m also considering it… I arrive at 6:30pm on a DAH day in January, and I’m using a military hopper that’s good through the end of 2020 so I’m thinking I’ll save a day for F&W festival use later in the year and just do DAH. I’m not sure any of the rest of my party will want to go with me, though. They all arrive in the morning and I think they’ll be done by 8:00!