On site vs. Off site

Does anyone have any experience with staying off-site? I’ve stayed at AOA in a suite and am looking for something similar in room size but lower cost. It will be 2 adults and 2 children. Thanks!

have a look at the VRBO site . Lots of condos on there.

Thanks for the info

We’ve stayed offsite before, but it just doesn’t have the same magic for me. You can look into renting points. Those aoa suites are probably close in price.

Stayed in a rental house a mile or so from Disney property a couple years ago. It was OK, but missed staying on site. I’d only do it again if it was the same circumstances, my brother paid for it and invited DW and I to tag along. :smile:

I guess I should just stay on Disney Property. I was thinking of resorts near Disney but I don’t want to risk missing out on the Disney Magic

We prefer off site. More space full kitchen Kids can chill in their own room. Its good to get away from Mickey at the end of the day and recover for the next day… Also many more people stay off site than on so my family are not the only ones who think like this. You can also visit for longer if staying off site as its cheaper.

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@mumcalsop-where off site do you stay? Is there transportation?

We hire a car for offsite as most gated communities don’t gave transport We are looking at Windsor hills next time. You should post another / new question on here and on the lines chat asking for info on offsite accommodation with shuttle/ transport as there are quite a few that do but Ive never stayed at one.Think most condo resorts around dtd area have shuttles to the parks but you have to pay for them

Thanks for the info!!!

We stayed off-site the first two times we went to WDW. The savings on the hotel is significant. We had no trouble using the hotel shuttles to get to the parks. We splurged last year to stay on-site, and I really enjoyed that too. I would be happy either way. If money is an issue, off-site is a very attractive option. We stayed at the Hilton Bonnet Creek three years ago. I highly recommend it!

In the past, I have always stayed onsite and used Disney transportation. But, this January I got an annual pass, so I wanted to find a hotel that was cheaper than a WDW value resort. (The cheaper the room, the more trips I can take!) The most important thing for me was to be safe. I was also nervous about driving, so I wanted it to be close and convenient to the parks. Another liner told me about booking the Baymont Inn on Hotwire for $34/night. I booked three nights as a trial run.

I just got home, and I have to say, the hotel was great! I felt safe and the room was nice. It took 5-10 minutes to get to every theme park, and it wasn’t difficult at all. I will definitely stay there again. I will also seriously consider driving to the parks from now on, even if staying onsite. It was wonderful having a car at the end of the night- no waiting/standing on a crowded bus.

Being inside the bubble definitely adds to the magic, but don’t be afraid of staying offsite! You can still have a great time and save a lot of money!

We are going down at the end of September this year and it will be our 5th year in a row going. We wouldn’t be able to go every year AND stay onsite every time…the cost is too prohibitive for us. Certainly we could go once and splurge staying on site, but this way we get to go every year. We have stayed at the Windsor Hills resort (in a 3 BR condo) every time and we have found that place to be awesome. The units are super nice, the pool is awesome (and so is the hot tub after chasing 3 little kids around all day) and the cost is almost non existent. We are paying something like 800 for a full week (coming in on Saturday, leaving the following Sunday) for a 3BR condo !! All things being equal, we would prefer to stay on site, but after reality is factored in this is how we do it and honestly we have a blast every time. I cant speak to getting back and forth to the parks using the shuttles because we drive down, thus we have our own personal shuttle! :wink:
Good luck in finding a place !

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Last month for our SeaWorld / Discovery Cove / Aquatica trip we stayed at Caribe Royale in a two bedroom villa. We paid $205/night. It was an amazing value. It is quite close to Disney.

My usual touring party loves being in the bubble so much that I can’t even bring up the subject. We did stay offsite in the DTD area on our first trip. It was a great area to be in and we found a great tip on Mousesavers.com and had an incredible deal.

IF I were able to talk DW into staying offsite, I’d look at vacation homes, like the All-Star Vacation Homes (as seen on WDWToday podcasts). They look very cool and the prices really good. I can get a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath house for $169 a night and a Cars Family Suite during the same time period is $311. Half the price for a much bigger living space…of course a vacation home means renting a car and so that does have to be factored in. For my test trip, that adds about $200 per week, for a total of roughly $200 per night. Still a savings. For my nine night trip I should be able to save $900. (note to self: be VERY persuasive next trip!)

We’ve stayed in the Downtown Disney off-sites and still felt in the bubble. Can walk to DD and get a bus. Mouse savers had a great deal on Studio B, it was awesome!

We’ve done both. We are certainly budget conscious, so staying off site saves us. I would rec. a 3BR condo at Windsor Hills Resort. Great value, rooms are spacious and very nice. We like the flexibility having a car provides and you can eat as many meals in the condo as you want.

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Thanks for the info-I’ll definitely look into it. I’m also considering Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort . If anyone has experienced this resort- please let me know !

When are you going? I have a townhome in Windsor hills I rent to liners. Go to www.parkhopperparadise.com. email me at bfbuckeye@sbcglobal.net for liner discounted rate.


Hi and good morning,
We are a family of 5 and it has always been so much more affordable to stay off-site. We have always rented at Windsor Hills which is about 1 mile to Disney property. If you go to floridasunvacationhomes.com, you can search by 2-3 bedroom condos and even homes at Windsor Hills which BTW is a gated community and really nice. Depending on time of year I pay. 100-130/nite.

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