On-site v Off-site comparison chart

Hi folks! I’m looking for a way to decide whether to add my mother to our package or not. We’re split staying the Polynesian and Contemporary, and she’s staying off-site at Bonnett Creek. We are considering things like her accessing our pool, being able to get into the parks 30 minutes early, being able to have Genie+ in advance, etc. Not sure if it’s worth it to add her.

How many adults in your room? Will you still be under capacity?

My husband and me are the other adults. With our seven year old.

How much is a forever memory worth? My two sons, who are now 28 and 32 years old, still recount memories of having their grandparents along on WDW vacations.


I believe it is still a $35 dollar a night charge for the extra adult. If she has a car they most likely will also charge the nightly parking fee.

If you add her, even if she doesn’t stay with you, she will receive all of the benefits.


She’s planning on spending most of the trip with us, leaving before our final two days though. Since we have a ticket package, it’s impossible to add her without adding her with all the tickets, so we would be paying for two tickets including Genie that we won’t use

Isn’t it the same price when you do the package? So, if you changed your reservations from a package to rooms plus tickets, the price should be the same for you. Right? Then you could add her to your hotel reservation(s).

I assume that she has a annual pass, and that is why she can’t add G+ to her tickets ahead of time?

It would be a huge mistake to add your mother. You should add me instead.


Bummer I just saw this. Too bad I already added her :joy: maybe next time!


She doesn’t have a pass. We went ahead and added her just to make it easy. We haven’t been since 2019 so I guess we are just revenge traveling and spending all the money for the sake of convenience :woman_facepalming: