On site reservation questions

A few questions about booking a Disney resort (specifically a campsite):
Do I have to know the exact number of guests? Or can this be modified later? Some of our family won’t know if they can come until later next year. (It won’t exceed the number of a single reservation.)
Can I drop a night off of the reservation without canceling and rebooking if we decide to shorten?
Is it likely that a basic campsite will get a discount? I’m happy with the current price. I just need to know if I should pay attention and check it every time a discount is announced.

Thanks! I know these are basic questions that I’m sure have been asked before.

In my experience they did not care that I was modifying the campsite.
I modified my dates twice and my rates did not change. I can’t promise that wouldn’t happen, of course.

You could certainly recheck.

Once when I was modifying, it said the sites were unavailable, but when I looked for site independently, they were there. I had to call to have my dates changed. You HAVE TO ASK for a new email confirmation, however. It stayed under the same reservation number.

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