On Site at WDW and A Few Observations

I know I owe all of you a full trip report and will get on that as soon as I can. However, Here are a few observations:

IMHO, Disney is doing everything they can to keep people safe. There is massive sanitizing, social distancing markers, plexiglass everywhere, and so I have been pleasantly surprised with everything they are doing.

Secondly, the magic is still here! My DS, DD and I tonight ate at GF Cafe and we finished up right after the monorail stopped running. We walked a half mile to the bus stop to get back to BRT. After 30 minutes, an EPCOT bus showed up and I went to ask the driver about the internal shuttle and he offered to drive us back to the CR.
That was awesome.

Thirdly, Cast Members are awesome! They are so grateful to be back and grateful for us! It has been so nice dealing with these folks.

Finally, my son, the Disney snob, is telling me after, 8 trips, that this is the best trip yet.
I know , we are in the moment and euphoria sets in, but… as the the father that pulled this together, it makes me feel so good

I really just want to share a few thoughts I have been having! Tomorrow, is a resort day, Brunch at KONA Cafe, DS trip, mid day, pool for 5 hours and then dinner at CG!!! Let’s Go!!!


Thanks for this report! It is encouraging.

Yes, cast members are awesome. A lot of times, they can make your trip. Our last trip, I was waiting with my daughter just outside of Toy Story land, and a few characters came up and let us take pictures. Then, my favorite. The green army men came out playing drums and yelling. It was awesome.

Glad your son is having such a good time. I would be worried if we went now that my kids were not having the magical time that Disney is and should be.

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Thanks for the report. We were supposed to go at the end of August but plans changed to due my daughters work. I am so happy to hear that the magic is still there and looking forward to being able to come back soon

Thanks for the report! My husband and I made a last minute decision to head to WDW the day after tomorrow, and I am beyond excited. I know it won’t be “normal” but I’m okay with just some happiness at this point. It’s so good to hear that you guys still had a magical time!


We love the short wait times for the rides. The only issue really is getting lunch. A number of the quick service restaurants are closed. So you have to mobile order and be a little patient. We are off to MK today! We are going to rope drop and have a fabulous day. Dinner at Skipper Canteen tonight!!