On Room Different Guests During Week

I need help! I don’t like the first answer I got from a cast member so I thought I would reach out to others who may have experienced this. Family of 5. Can’t seem to get our planets to align with accommodations for 5 that match everyone’s schedule. Therefore, I would like to book a room that sleeps 4 and have one family member there for the first half of the stay and a different one there for the second half. How can I pull this off…and use DMEx for everyone? How about park tickets? Would I have to purchase the same days worth of tickets for everyone? Geez, then I guess I need to think about how this would impact fast passes. I know you are a creative and informed group. I’m hopeful you can help me make this work. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help.

So basically 5 people going but only 4 there at any one time?

I THINK it may be easier to do it all a la carte. Get the room for 4 people. Get the tickets you need - but I would get 5 separate tickets as those are non-transferable and I think there are significant biometrics tied to the tickets so you would get snagged.

You MAY have an issue with getting fast passes for the 5th person as only 4 tickets MAY be able to be tied to the room - not sure. However if you don’t worry about FP until 30 days out - no issue.

I would call back and see if you get a better cast memeber

So you will always have a party of four, correct? Just one of those people turns into a different person half way through the trip, correct?
Can’t you just make reservations/tickets/etc. for four people and then just take the magic band from the person when they leave and give it to the new person? Basically, treat the exiting person as if they are the entering person?

Don’t think that will fly. The tickets (magic bands) are non-transferable and if that person has had to put their finger on the scanner, the new person’s finger won’t match.

@davidtyost is right. Each person will need their own tickets, but only for the number of days that they will be there. For example, if this is a 7 day trip, you will get 7 day tickets for yourself and anyone staying for the duration. If someone is only staying for 4 days, just get them a 4 day ticket.

Are all 5 people adults? If so, maybe consider making 2 room reservations with the second room starting when the “5th” person arrives. Once there, you can spread out between the 2 rooms, which at the very least will give you some space & a 2nd bathroom.

You could also consult with a travel agent who specializes in Disney. They may have a solution that will be straight forward.

As far as DME is concerned, everyone will be able to use it regardless of the day they arrive or depart, as long as they are officially listed as a resort guest.

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Two separate reservations, buy tickets separately then call and ask to stay in the same room. This should give you ME and FP are 60 for everyone.

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I was thinking the same thing as posted above, you may have to book a split stay reservation but do room only reservations and then purchase the tickets you need for everyone a la carte.

Thank you to everyone for your help. I thought I should give an update in case others have similar questions. I called back and was happy to speak with a cast member who seemed very knowledgable and easy to work with. He indicated what some of you reported…basically saying that everything I wanted to do was feasible. All 5 people could use DMEx transportation. Purchase tickets separately/will call for the amount of days needed for each and then link them to each person through on-line account. So, I will reiterate what others on this site have shared. Don’t be afraid to call back and speak to a different CM; the responses can be significantly different.