On-Ride Photos Wishes

For discussion: Are there rides that do not have on-ride photos that you really wish had them? Or other general photo ops?

I was sad to learn that there is no on-ride photo for ROTR. We did not have memory maker, but I would have happily paid the individual picture cost for that one. There are a few points (discussing without spoilers here) that I think would be ideal, and I know everyone in my family just had the biggest looks of joy/amazement/fun on our face that no mask could hide. I did buy our splash mountain photo because I don’t know if we’ll ever get to ride it again before it gets its makeover, so I know I would have probably added the ROTR photo to the cart if it existed. Anyway, this thought made me wonder what other photo ops Disney is missing out on

BTMRR. I love that ride and it’s weird to me there isn’t a ride photo.


Oh you’re right! That is my kids’ favorite ride yet I never realized it was missing the on ride photo! I usually snap one of them before we get on the train. Oh that is sad, because it’s so iconic!

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Yes that’s really weird.

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