On property uncomfortable beds: advice?

Had our first night at AKL last night and I did not sleep well. The bed is way too firm for my comfort. I feel like I’m sleeping on the floor! Any ideas to make it through the week? I googled and it looks like Mouse keeping used to have eggcrate mattress toppers on request. Anyone know if that’s still a thing? Any other ideas?


I would call and ask. For me I used to have an issue with moderate beds but could sleep at the deluxes but recently I have been having the same issue. I find that extra pillows help me, but it may be different for you.

I don’t have ideas but following because my sleep quality always depends on the bed. We are at CBR on the upcoming trip.

Last time we were there we stayed at Boardwalk but I don’t remember if I had trouble sleeping. I think we were so exhausted from business scheduled activities that the bed quality didn’t matter!

I need a soft bed so I am bringing my own eggcrate with us and very picky about pillows. Last time we went we stayed at the campground so didn’t have to worry about. We are staying at POP and not sure how the beds are and pillows. Any advice. Leaving in 10 days

called Mousekeeping.I was on hold for a long time as they looked for one, but they finally found me the eggcrate mattress topper and will bring it up. hopefully I sleep better tonight! thanks!