On-property hotel perks?

Thought I’d share the new referb. Disneyland hotel rooms. Beautiful new carpet in the rooms and halls. The one picture if me is right before Covid hit. Then there was hidden Mickey carpet in the room but I can not remember what the hallways had

We sleep with the headboard lit :blush: I didn’t realize until now that the one is not carpet but a wood inlay :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


We sleep with the headboards on as well! I love the new carpet in both the hallways and the rooms. We have a reservation there in just 20 days…though I am still deciding if I want to spend the extra money over Grand Legacy since we have 14 nights of hotels on 2 coasts to pay for. My brain says one thing…but these pictures make my heart say something else.


Decisions Decisions!! :rofl::rofl: I want to say stay here then on your next trip stay GCH :rofl::heart: It’s so hard to choose. I love them both. GCH for that fireplace, pools and easy DCA entrance. But Disneyland hotel I just love everything about it. From their little store inside to that fireplace in front of Trader Sam’s and that Monorail pool slide. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just can never get past the price, I had it booked twice but cancelled when the DLH discounts came out. I really love DLH the best. This trip it’s either DLH or the other Grand (Grand Legacy at the Park)…not GCH unfortunately. Price difference is about $1100 for 4 days between GL and DLH. Just typing it out I know I should take the cheaper option, but my heart doesn’t want to!


I heard that for GCH! That $1100 could be a couple trips for me. But after these crappy last eleventy months you so deserve DLH my friend! Go for it. You’ll be glad you did! And Disney math says its less than $200 saving a day with Legacy passholder discount! :rofl::rofl:


Stop the presses! I usually make the travel arrangements with input from DH. Tonight I was giving him the pros and cons for on-property / off-property. He kept saying “just go with on-property.” Then I mused that if we stayed on-property, I’d love to stay at GCH but it’s pricey. He said do it! We were fortunate that our income didn’t change last year (he’s been working from home for years) and with everything closed we didn’t spend much in 2020. He got a peek at the bank balance last time he went to the ATM and said if I want GCH, book GCH. :smiley:


I feel badly for the homeless on Harbour. It doesn’t take away from our vacation experience. In fact, I always bring a few boxes of granola bars and on my way to the park in the morning I hand some out and say good morning. Been doing that since my daughter was little helped her realize these people can’t have vacations like us, but a granola bar and a good morning can help them out a tiny bit. I just feel bad for those people, as not all homeless are there due to drugs and alcohol.


even when they are, the addiction is just the symptom of a mental health issue and one we should all have compassion for. Thanks for being compassionate! We do this too. You can even make little kits with toothpaste, socks, etc.

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