On My Way!

On my first leg to the WDW!
Haven’t been to the World since 2011.
Waiting at SFO to board my AA flight to DFW.
Then connect to BHM.
Rent car at BHM, travel to Tuscaloosa to pick up DD19 who just finished her sophomore year at Univ of Alabama. Head back to Birmingham to stay overnight and catch an afternoon flight to MCO…an afternoon flight because the only other direct flight from BHM to MCO was at 7am too early for my DD.
So looking forward to seeing her and the Happiest Place on Earth!


Have so much fun!

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Yay! Have so much fun!

Recommendations you didn’t ask for, but I was so surprised by Birmingham…

If you have no meal plans in Birmingham:
The Fishmarket
Saw’s BBQ
The lady at the Pizitz Food Hall who sells treats in mason jars - Bread Pudding that I dream about. She usually has samples of all of her stuff for you to try before buying. The banana pudding might be droolworthy as well. The mini pie lady stuff is more sizzle than steak.

We ate VERY well in Birmingham. I was completely shocked. We even had Ethiopian food in that food hall - I wasn’t blown away, but it was surprisingly good.

Have a blast at Wallyworld!

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Happy travels!

Safe travels! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful trip! Don’t forget to take a photo of the back of your MagicBand! I always do that when I am in the airport on my way, hehe! Just in case…Eat plenty, laugh often, and regret nothing!

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So excited for you and DD. Have a great time!

Have so much fun!!!

Thanks for the rev for Saw’s BBQ. That hole in the wall was so good!

Have a great time, and we’ll see you there! We’re doing the end-of-school dash to WDW, too. :grinning:

On Friday, we’re going to meet up with DS27 for DD’s graduation in NC over the weekend, put her stuff in storage, then drive down via Savannah.

After his finals are over, DS20 will fly in on Wed. He’ll get on a 7am flight only because all the rest of us will already be in WDW! :grin:

I know you’ll have a blast. It’s just so fun to be able to combine a trip to WDW with seeing the kids again. Safe travels.

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