On line check in and Room Requests


So, Touring Plans faxes my room number requests to my hotel, and the hotel texts me with my room number a few hours before check in. What if the room number is not correct? What do I do to find out if the room they gave me is comparable to the one I requested? I could visit the "view from a room" page, right? What if it is nothing like what I requested? Should I call the front desk to discuss? I know there are no guarantees. Just curious how all this works with the new on-line check in and such.


Personally, I would just go with whatever you get. You can check to see if it is comparable on the website, but I would wait until you see the room before you try to change it. You may just like what you have even better! If you have a problem with the room once you see it (like maybe it's right by the elevator and really loud), then you could go to the desk and say, "Is there anyway you could move my room away from the elevator?". They do try to accommodate, so if you don't get what you requested, there's probably a reason, like nothing was available. I wouldn't call though, it just goes to a call center.


I agree with @Kerryogie. When you call your phone call goes to a call center. The room assigners are located in a different location (they used to be onsite but I am not even sure of that any more).