On Line Check In AFTER Touring Plans Fax For Room Request

I know I need to wait till after the room request fax is sent, however, do I need to check in online or still wait and check in at the front desk?

What is recommended for the best odds in getting your request ?

I did not know that you should not do on line check in until after the fax… I’ve already checked in and the fax won’t send for 4 more days. Is this going to mess up my room request?

You can complete online check in at any time. You should link your credit card, make sure you have a pin, complete your arrival time. Sometimes if you pick room requests it can confuse the room assigner so sometimes people do not check any requests.

What if you make the same note on your online check in that is on your room request? Will it still be confusing or will it help to get what you want?

The problem is that you cannot add text to the online check in. Lately I have found just general requests : upper or lower floor, close to lobby, close to elevator

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So, just leave it blank and wait for the TP fax to work it’s magic, then?

I would! I always complete online checkin and I have been upgraded- so it doesn’t hurt you. It saves you time and if there is a problem with your room you just don’t touch anything in the room and talk to the desk then.

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When I do my on line check in, I have two optional request for room. Since I have the fax set up to send through TP, should I put ANYTHING in these fields ?

I checked in online a few days ago and I left those fields completely blank. My fax went out this morning!

Only if they will coincide with your TP fax. I.e. Ground Floor, Corner Room in MDE and your TP Fax is requesting a room that is Ground Floor and a Corner room. Make sense?