On Cruise - Frozen Character Ticket - per person or stateroom?

I am getting different answers from Disney Cruise, so hoping to catch someone who has recently experienced the Frozen Character Ticket Meet N Greet.
At first I was told it was one ticket per stateroom. So I only reserved one.

Now, that I cannot reserve a second, I am being told the tickets are per person and they will not allow an additional person, even if a child and same stateroom, to enter.
So does anyone know for sure if it is per stateroom or is per person?
Wanting to know if I am going to have to race to Customer Service Desk as soon as I get on board to get a second ticket.
Thank You for your help,

I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard the princess meet and greets that you book ahead are per person. The SWDAS meet and greets were per family/stateroom. That may be leading to some confusions with the CMs on land. I’d prepare to run, if I were you. Also, keep watching. Someone may have to cancel and you could get lucky.

We were on the Disney magic last Halloween and all 4 of us needed a ticket for the frozen meet and greet. Initially I was only able to reserve one ticket but a few days prior to sailing, more tickets became available. So i would recommend to keep checking on the website.

Thank You Helen for sharing your actual experience with this!

And will do.