On an EMH day, do they hold offsite guests until correct time?

Just wondering if they let offsite guests in a little earlier or right at the stroke of 9 am?

Right at the stroke of 9:00am. If you’re at the Magic Kingdom, they’ll do their fancy welcome show right before 9:00. I imagine they do similar things at other parks.

At MK welcome show is before emh open 7/8 am. They hold at ttc for MK emh until 30 minutes before regular opening then let you on ferry/ monorail… I have been off site and in MK at 7.50. No checks at tapstyles.For other parks they generally hold you at tapstyles until regular opening but on one AK day we were let in at 8.50 on 8 am emh.
Also no other parks have welcome shows prior to opening now

You are held at ttc for MK ( see previous post) this is where they check eligibility. Reason is the area in front of MK is too small to accommodate lots of guests. Once we got ferry over there were no more checks. We waited at hub in front of Castle until 8 am. Checks were in place at hub entrance to tommorow land. Its not really recommend to go to an emh park if offsite. I have done MK at Easter and it was fine as emh was 7 am and not many people make it to parks that early. Ak emh was very quiet and when we got in at end of emh rides were still walk on.

I recently found myself at the TTC on a EMH morning at MK, when I was a resort guest, but arrived just as CMs were allowing the regular guests to get in line to board the ferry (the monorail wasn’t running that morning). I noted the time was 8:38 AM (for a 9:00 opening, 8:00 EMH) when they changed my band to let me in, just about the same time they let everyone else go. We were through the MK turnstiles at 8:59 that morning (though we were toward the front on the full ferry).

We will be doing this at HS because that is the one day they will have Osborne lights that we will be there. It looks like 9 am is pretty close to when they let everyone else in. Do you know if there are a lot of offsite guests usually? How crazy is that entry? My husband will be in a scooter.

Yes there will be lots if guests waiting to get in. Try to get there for 8.30 if possible.