On A Whim "Disney Snobs" - Pre-Trip Report

BACKSTORY: First of all, we aren’t really “snobs”… but we do love all the frills and magic that Disney provides! We visit once a year and have stayed Deluxe for the last 3 years by renting DVC points. Our last trip was in March. We actually had to leave our room at Poly a day early due to the parks shutting down! Ever since we left, we have felt like we just didn’t our full Disney fix. So, on a whim last week, we decided to book something and make the 10 hour drive back to Orlando on Nov. 20-25. We originally booked a room at AOA but after much pondering, we moved our stay to the Yacht Club. We love that area and we really weren’t excited about the hustle and bustle at AOA. I hope we don’t regret this!!!

GROUP: Me, My mom, DS 13, DS 11, DD 7
This will be the 6th trip of just my mom, myself and the kiddos. We leave the guys at home!!!
Note: My kids care nothing about resort theming which was something else that steered our decision to move resorts. They do love storm along bay! We actually told the kids that we are staying “value” and won’t tell them any different until we arrive. They are going to be thrilled!

Friday: Travel
Leave EARLY…Drive 10 hours and arrive at Yacht Club around 2ish. Right now, I have reservations at Boathouse for 3:45 but I hope to modify for a little later. Boathouse was one of the ADRs that we missed due to Disney shutting down in March so we wanted to eat there first.

Saturday: Hollywood Studios
Lunch ADR at Mama Melrose 11:50. My boys are big Star Wars fans so I’m hopeful to score a ROTR boarding pass. We actually rode it in march and got boarding pass 2 then! eeryone in the group is thrill ride junkie so TOT and Rockin Roller are MUST DOs! Mickey and Minnie’s runaway is on the list too but it will be ok if we skipped. We didn’t love it in March. We want to try Docking Bay 7 for supper.

Sunday: Magic Kingdom
Lunch ADR at Skipper Canteen at 1:05. We love it and it was also one we missed out on in March.

Monday: Animal Kingdom
No plans this day. We will definitely will eat at Yak & Yeti. Not sure if it will be lunch or supper yet. We also love Santuli. We have Ale and Compass ADR for supper but not sure we will keep it. This is one of our favorite parks!

Tuesday: Epcot
Lunch ADR at Teppan Edo at 1:00. This will be a first time for us! We plan to eat aroung the world for supper.

I am looking forward to a less “planned” trip but am also a little nervous about just winging it! We are used to park hoppers and the dining plan! That will be a big change for us. We are not doing refillable mugs this trip and plan to bring some drinks with us. This will be our first trip without a stroller! We took one in March for my then 6 year old but she hardly ever needed it. We mostly just used it to store our things… I’m considering a backpack but we really travel very lightly and I don’t feel like we ever take much in the parks.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and personal experiences about our plans so far! Especially reviews of yacht club!


Sounds like a fun trip!



Sounds like it’s going to be an amazing trip!

I think you are going to enjoy winging it and I’m looking forward to following along on your adventures!


Fun times ahead! I love it!

We always take a small backpack with us (and my DD’s are 17 and 20!) with water bottles, bandaids, sunscreen, mini umbrella, ponchos, snacks, etc. We take turns carrying it. It’s nice to not always be carrying something, but I couldn’t manage without a water bottle!


Anything I have to offer is certainly outdated by a few years at least. What I will offer though is that the Yacht Club is amazing. The proximity to both parks is the best by far, I only wish park hopping was still a thing so you could fully appreciate having both so close by. We would often start at one, switch to the other for a few attractions or meals and head back to the first.

I also think you’ll like Teppan Edo and eating around the world. I have a ton of really good hibachi nearby at home so it’s not something I go out of my way to plan when I’m there, but the one time I went, the food was good and the “show” was as Disney as they could make it.

I love that you are going with just your mom and the kids, and I think the less planned approach will be fine with the kids as old as they are. Especially being confined to one park a day, having options will be nice. I found that when I planned the heck out of a trip, we mostly blew everything off and played it by ear. It was very freeing.

And speaking of freeing, YAY to no more strollers! I almost skipped down Main Street not having to worry about if I’ll fit in between crowds and having to return for the mad stroller search every time we got off an attraction. Ah…who am I kidding? I TOTALLY skipped down Main Street anyway. And I ran from attraction to attraction. It was a combination of “Singing in the Rain” and “Sound of Music” all up in MK that morning.

Have THE BEST time!


T -40 days!!! I’m a teacher and we have Fall Break on Monday and Tuesday of this week! I plan to use this time to take inventory of my Disney attire! I still haven’t been able to move my Boathouse reservation on arrival day to a later time😬 but I’m hoping something opens up. I’ve got my “alerts” set so I’m just impatiently😜 waiting. And look what popped up on memories from 6 years ago


So the ending of F&W has complicated my plans! We are scheduled to be at MK on 11/22 which is the last day of the festival. I already have Skipper Canteen booked for lunch. We aren’t scheduled to be at Epcot until 11/24 and there will be no special festivities going on then. We do have ADR at Teppan Edo that day. I know some people don’t think it is a “must do” but my son loves hibachi and it is something we have been wanting to try. I could switch my park passes for those two day but is it worth giving up my adrs to be at F&W the last day of the festival?? I’m also worried that the crowd level on a Sunday and the last day of F&W would be bad. Decisions, decisions???