On a quest for the elusive Topolino's character brunch for 2/16

Despite waking at 4:45 Central and prepping on 2 computers and a phone on the day our dining window opened, I was unable to snag a Topolino’s reservation for the character breakfast/brunch for our trip next week. I have patiently waited for something (ANYTHING!!) to pop up on my res finder here or on Mousewatcher for months. Not a single hit! Has anyone ever actually scored a reservation? Is there a fairy godmother out there that is about to part with their 10 am reservation and wants to pixie dust it my way? We will be staying at Riviera and it just seems so cruel to be so close yet so far away… (Also for the record, the kids are completely ambivalent about it and I’m the only one crying alligator tears over the loss of this experience).

A lot of times, reservations will pop up the evening before, so don’t give up hope yet. Also since you are staying at the Riviera, maybe try going right when they open and see if you can get on the waitlist?


I was able to get one for our December trip just constantly stalking the website :crossed_fingers:


Don’t give up hope. Spots should start to pop up as your trip gets closer. Worse case scenario, ask the CM at check-in if they can get you in.


Don’t give up. People tend to cancel reservations closer to their trips it seems. There is still hope.


As others have said, keep checking. I’ve gotten it twice the day before.

Also, since you’re actually staying there, you could always do the walk-up wait-list. You may not be able to do 10am with that…but if you’re willing to do it earlier it might be very doable.


I’ve had zero success with reservation finders because I’m not as fast as some. Stalking the website works better for me, especially as you get within the week, like everyone has said.

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I was talking to one of the managers at Topolinos on Monday. He said try for a walk up at around 7:30.


Were you able to get your brunch today? On our Jan trip, we saw a lot of things showing up checking the night before. Hope you are having a ball either way!


I was never able to get one through the res finder or stalking the website. I did, however, manage to do a walk up at 7:40 on our last day with my 6 year old. It was amazing!