On a CL9 day in MK, will there be any 4th FPP options at 11:30am for the following couple of hours?

Do you think on a CL9 day in MK there will be any 4th FPP options at 11:30am for the following couple of hours? We aren’t planning to stay beyond 1/2pm, so do we spread out our FPP or do them as soon as possible please?

Probably. We went in July with some CL10 days and were always able to get additional FPP, even later into the evening, especially for rides like pirates, hm, Winnie the Pooh, magic carpets. We even got PP and BTMRR as a fourth FPP on one day. But that might have been just pure good luck.

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I would do fpp from 10.30-1.30. We visited over Easter and although there was fpp available they were for 3 or more hrs in advance and for stitch etc. The chances of getting any decent fpp for during your time frame is slim although you will get some for around late afternoon. You will be fine w/o fpp for first 2hrs then use your fpp mixed in with low wait attractions for the next 3 hrs.

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I would probably do what @mumcalsop suggested.

What does your touring plan tell you you should do?

What are you doing that evening? Should you save your FP for later in the day at a different park?

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Relaxing non park evening. It will be our second morning of 4 in MK, on the 1st day we won’t be using FFP. I’d be interested in the likes of Tinkerbell & Belle but only if I can get it before 2pm. The other rides that would be pushed back are probably only going to be low wait things like Tiki, jamboree, Pirates tutorial.

I consult this and refer people to it All. The. Time!

Thanks but it doesn’t tell if there are 4th FPP available immediately or only later in the day.

It tells you when the FPP for each attraction will run out though. So if you know you’re going to ride your last FPP (of the three original you booked) at say 1pm, you can look at 1pm and see what else will likely be available at that time

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your question?

I understand. However just because fpp doesn’t run out until 8 pm does not mean at 1 pm you will get fpp that can be used between 1-2 which is what original poster is asking about. At Easter the only fpp that we could use immediately were stich philharmonic and Laugh floor. Although other fpp were available we needed to wait 2or more hrs before we could use them. Also the chart is based on 1 person only as soon as you are looking for multiple people it falls down. Its also a bit out of date now that frozen has moved. I did attempt to use this chart at Easter and incorporate 4th and subsequent fpp but as a group of 4 it did not reflect what we found available in park.


Thank you