OMG trying to do split stay ADRs now, what is up?!

Today is my 180 days, we are doing a split stay, AKL for a few days on 12/4, then moving over to WL on the 8th… it only wants to let me do the first few days, not opening pat 12/8! Freaking out lol…

Today is 180 from your first stay, You second stay adrs will open 180 from that first day.

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This just happened to a friend of mine a couple months ago. The TA had to go in and make a room only res for their entire length of stay just to allow her to make her ADRs. They canceled that after the window was completely open.

Really?! But what happened to 180 + 10?? I have to do this twice? Lol.

Did this just recently change?

The room only res overlapped with her package? Didn’t cause any problems?

No it hasn’t changed. Your 180+10 is for your stay at that resort only. If you switch to a new resort, you’ve got a new 180 window.

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But 180 + 10 for Dec 4th arrival should go from the 4th to roughly 14th right?

No issues with the overlapping. It was handled by a TA, so not sure if they were able to do something we aren’t ourselves. ??

Yes if you were at one resort, but you’re not at that resort till 14th. So you can only book length of stay at the first resort. 2nd resort has its own 180+10 window.

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Ohhhh ok so it’s not giving me + 10 b/c I’m at another resort a few days later? We’ve done a split before once and I remember doing all ADRs at once! Just bummed I have to do it again lol.

Yes exactly. You’ll be fine for FPs (assuming your tix are either separate or linked to the first stay) but not ADRs.


We did a 3 split stay in June and made all our res at the 180 day. I didn’t know that was unusual, but maybe we just got lucky. But this time it was split into 2. We’re just doing 2 locations this time.

We always ask Member Services to link our two DVC reservations when we have split stays. No issues with two separate ADR dates that way. :slight_smile:

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Oh! Come to think of it, last time they were 3 DVC stays. This time is 1 DVC through a member and 1 I booked on line through Disney (paid rack rate at TBC Villas :frowning:

It’s not an automatic 180days+10. It should be 180days+reservation days at one location.

In your case it would be 180days+4 (You are spending 4 days at AKL?)
Then when your new 180 day window opens up for WL it will be 180days+reservation days at WL

It’s 180 + length of stay from what I recall.

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to a max of 180+10. if you’re staying for 14 days, it’s not 180+14, it’s 180+10, then rolling open for the remaining days.


A little known benefit of DVC. :smiley: I am surprised by the number of DVCers who don’t know about it, I keep having to tell people.

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I booked a long reservation (12/1-12/11) in order to book dining a week early, and also have my normal reservation for 12/6-11. I had no problems booking all days. This was Monday of this week. There is nothing special the TA has to do.

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