OMG- Res Agent I'm on the phone with is scaring me!

I called to see the price difference if we were to check out a couple of days early. She's talking about checking other resorts and king vs. queen beds. I'm scared she's going to mess up my reservation and free dining!!!

I told her we were just going to keep our reservation as is and ended the call when she started quoting me for a Savannah view room at the AKL....????? Not sure where she got that. I've never had an experience like that when calling Disney.

That's scary!...check online and make sure everything is ok!
It's been hit or miss for me lately. I always used to get peppy, pretty well informed CM's but not too often in the last year or so.

ALWAYS make a note of the Cast Members name you talked to, the date and the time. That way if anything is messed up on your reservation, when you have that information they can track it back and find out what happened and who's responsible.

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Yikes! Glad you ran wink I had one a few weeks ago... Was trying to book WL and she was trying to book a cabin! I said I had to go wink haha


I was able to call right back. I got another agent and she was very helpful in taking care of what I was asking. I'm so glad I didn't have that first agent do anything to my reservation!

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Is it possible Disney is outsourcing some of the reservation agents?

They were outsourcing the dining reservations, which was a nightmare, so it wouldn't surprise me!