Ollivander's COVID Sign Up?

Good morning! In my research I’m reading that Ollivander’s in Diagon Alley has a sign up and only does one family at a time. This is located in Filibuster’s Fireworks Shop.

TP has this in the show description for only US not IA.

Can someone verify this is currently still happening? I don’t want to build a plan and miss the pre-sign up step; nor do I want to perhaps build it into the Hogsmeade side instead and assume wrongly it’s different. Other than the larger store in Diagon Alley, is there a reason one store would do it differently? And wouldn’t it be the smaller store (Hogsmeade) rather than the Diagon Alley one? Maybe it’s demand…

I haven’t been to UOR since May 2021 and back then they were still doing the sign-up. We went to the Diagon Alley location. Hopefully someone who has been more recently will see this!

Is the sign up obvious? If we don’t get there until around 11am (it seems every day of our trip our early admission is IA so to we are trying to at least try to use that time before crossing over) will there still be spots? We like to leave the parks and enjoy the resort in the afternoon so want avoid a return time between 2-5. It’s so hard to predict!

When I was there, we arrived during Early Entry and waited in line for like half an hour before we got on the sign-up list (only one member of your party needs to wait in the sign-up line and you can swap out who’s waiting). Our return time was for like 10:30 I think. I believe I saw people in the sign-up line later that morning, but not sure when they ran out of return times.

I have a feeling the whole process is different now, though, so this may be a moot conversation.

Hope so. Sounds like Jedi Training sign up PTSD coming back.
We have none of our 4 days as early entry at US. It’s so annoying. Every day is IA and it’s extremely difficult to figure.

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I wonder if @josephmatt or @bebe80 or @Tall_Paul1 have any leads?

I’m pretty sure you can visit Ollivanders any time of day. It would be rare to have the sign-ups hours out. The morning is probably the busiest. Like other things, there will be less people around in the afternoon/evening. If they are currently doing some type of limiting families, that will be gone soon.

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Nov 2021 there was no sign up or private groups. We just waited in line and then went in with maybe 15 people? We were there the day after thanksgiving and went to the diagon alley location around 7:30. Waited around 10 minutes. The lines looked longer in the mornings.


Match it was first come first served. No sign ups.