Olga's Cantina - Food?

Just made our ADR for lunch with DH, DD9 & DD7, looked at the menu and saw there wasn’t any food listed. Is there actually food for lunch or should we plan on grabbing something elsewhere?

I think there’s a charcuterie board and some “snacks” that’s like a crunchy bar mix, but if you’re looking for an actual lunch you should plan on making another stop.


It’s truly a bar / pub. Not much in the way of meals - just snacks

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Not “real” food. The charcuterie did look nice but rather small. It is a fun place to go, you have to experience it, then go for lunch. So far it is one of my favorite part of SWGE.


I was excited to grab that up for one of our ADR’s also ,I guess at the time it was the only
reservation you could make for star wars land .
Later when I looked and realized it was a bar and mostly standing tables I’m not sure
about it (We dont drink and not much for food ???)
For now I guess I will keep it and plan on a ronto wrap or something

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Thank you! Do you think kids would like it too?


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Thank you! We did just that.

It looks like there are a bunch of nonalcoholic drinks so might be something fun to do.

Yes I do. Plan on bringing my nieces kids in November

DH and I were there last week, as walk-ins at 11:00 a.m. (very short wait). We only had non-alcoholic drinks (carbon freeze - it bubbles - and jabba juice), none of the food/snacks. Only a few booths, that seat maybe a very squished 10 people in a semi-circle. The remainder are standing at the bar or at high-top tables. Not such a great place for short children, and it’s noisy. They put us at a slim high-top with other people. At one point, there were two families, each with two young children, that joined our table after other adults left. The parents spent a lot of time holding their children up.

It was interesting to see it and to say we’ve been there, but it’s definitely not aimed at families with young children.

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This is what WDW Prep To Go podcast said about it–not really for kids b/c of standing room only (almost), high tables and not much to eat.

Good to know ,so as 2 adults -go for the experience -
but dont count on food or resting !