Oldest DS now 18+, I'm no longer managing his plans in MDE?

Our trip is Jan 2020, so we are still quite a ways out… but with ADR day just over a month away, I’m getting in full-scale DPM (Disney Planning Mode) :smiley: So I have us all in MDE from our prior 2 trips. However, oldest DS turned 18 in January, so I’m ASSuming (?) that’s the reason that MDE does not show “plans managed by me” next to his name. He still shows in my party, and he shows on our room reservation (made through David’s DVC rentals), but I can not manage his plans. I don’t think this will be an issue until it’s time to do fastpasses (it won’t matter for ADR’s, right??) but I want to figure out how to get it fixed.

I think he also made his own MDE account during our last trip, so that might have something to do with it?

GIf he has his own MDE account, that will almost certainly explain it. Nothing to do with his age as such.

However, do you still have a profile for him on your account? Thatwould definitely cause an issue. Having two “versions” of someone means that only one version will have a ticket and it can cause multiple problems.

And if he does have two versions, which version of him is on the reservation?

I would make sure he is linked as “family and friends”, and that he has ticked the “share plans” box (I forget exactly what it says).

And I would be inclined to call IT and ask them to check. If there are two versions of him, they can sort it out and make sure everything is linked properly.

Just make the ADRs in the mean time. You don’t have to list everyone, just the lead person (you) plus however many guests.

Edited to add: I think the way to see if the DS you can see in your reservation is his own account is whether you can see his picture next to his name or just a blue Mickey symbol. A blue Mickey means they have their own account I think, at least all my family just have blue Mickey’s and they all have their own.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said has his “own account”… I mean, when we went on our first trip, I made profiles for all of us. At some point on our second trip (or possibly after?) he set up his own login, so that he could view the memory maker pics (if I recall correctly), but it isn’t like he set up an additional profile. He just somehow linked his own login to the existing profile that I had created for him. I hope that makes sense (first trip was Jan 2015, 2nd was March 2017, so it’s all a little bit hazy at this point lol).

He does appear in my “family and friends” and his pic is the icon he choose, not the generic blue Mickey. I will have to see if he can get logged in on his account and fix the setting there. If not, I’ll try calling.

Thanks for the feedback!

If he has his own log in, he has his own account.

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If he can log in to MDE with a separate login and password to you, then he has his own MDE account.

And that means he exists twice. You need to phone and get them to remove his profile from your account.


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He has his own MDE account… but he doesn’t have 2 different profiles…? Does that make sense? I mean, there is only one “version” of his profile.

OK, I got logged in on his MDE. Under his “friends and family” I only saw myself as connected to him, which I guess makes sense (?) since I’m the only one in the family (also DH and DS15) with a MDE account, and I’m always our “tour guide” lol. He was set to “private” so I changed it to “share my list”.

As of now, under MY account, it still does NOT say that I’m managing his plans. Not sure if it just needs some time to update (?) or if there is something more that I need to do. I refreshed a few times, and even logged out and back in, but it’s still the same.

For what it’s worth, our reservation IS visible under HIS MDE account “plans”.

It doesn’t need to be saying you’re managing his plans though. He could also make plans for everyone he’s linked to.

My DH and boys have their own account, since they were old enough to go to a park on their own for our first visit after FP+ came in. I have them listed under my “family and friends”. Nowhere does it say I manage their plans.

If he’s listed under your family and friends, then you can make FPs for him.

I think the “manage their plans” is only applicable if they don’t have their own account.


AHHHHHHH… ok!! I just assumed (there I go again lol) that I had to be managing his plans to do his FPP. I tried to “add fastpasses” to my party just to test it, and by golly it did let me include him (of course, I couldn’t get to the actual fastpasses, but I was just trying to convince myself that it wasn’t going to be an issue).

Thanks for the help! Crisis averted! :smiley:

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My adult son has his own MDE account. I always make his FPs and I don’t think he has ever booked an ADR. Years ago I controlled everything but when he created his account we became linked through friends and family. I recently separated out his girlfriend after controlling her profile for two years.